University summer festival Jena | Friedrich Schiller University Jena

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University summer festival

A proper insider tip

Universitätssommerfest, Sommerfest der Universität Jena

The University of Jena’s annual summer festival is a proper insider tip for locals and visitors alike. Held in the grounds of the Botanical Gardens, Griesbachgarten and Planetarium, the festival has a different theme every year.

The festival features a wide range of genres, including painting, photography, theatre, music, dance and readings. All this and the many other activities on offer make it a memorable event.

Location University summer festival

Universitätssommerfest, Sommerfest der Universität Jena

Grounds of the Griesbachgarten, Zeiss-Planetarium and Botanical Garden +49 (0) 3641 931008 To the website