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Lectures in Schiller’s summer house

Find out more about Friedrich Schiller’s life and legacy in Jena

Jena, Gartenzinne, Schillers Gartenhaus, Schiller

Learn all about the life and legacy of Friedrich Schiller on the veranda of his summer house.

The years he lived in Jena (1789-1799) were some of the most productive of his life.

It is here that he worked as a historian, poet and philosopher. And it was during this time that his friendship and correspondence with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe flourished. Their collaboration was a significant factor in how Jena, in around 1800, became a centre of philosophical thinking that influenced all of Europe.

Talks and lectures at Schiller’s summer house

  • Schiller’s decade in Jena (1789-1799)
  • A fortunate circumstance – the correspondence and friendship between Schiller and Goethe
  • Morphology and metamorphosis: Goethe’s exploration of nature
  • A reading of ballads by Schiller and Goethe
  • Life and legacy of Charlotte von Schiller (1766-1826)
  • A history of Schiller’s summer house
  • Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss
Group max. 30
Location Veranda of Schiller’s summer house
Duration 1 h
Group price 90€
Not included Admission to Schiller’s summer house €3.50 (concessions €2) per person

Also available: guided tour of Schiller’s house and garden

Group max. 20
Duration 45 – 60 min
Group price 30€

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