Jena’s musical history | Guided tour

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Jena’s musical history

Explore the musical roots of the city of light

Jenaer Philharmonie

Jena’s musical history is rich and varied

Elector John Frederick was welcomed in the city by pipe players and choirs, the first book of church songs was printed in Jena and music was taught as a mathematical science at the city’s university, which was founded in 1548. Composers Robert Schumann and Max Reger gained their doctorates here, and Franz Liszt made music with his pupils in the university’s Rosensaal halls. A particular treasure is the Jenaer Liederhandschrift, a manuscript of songs dating back to about 1330 and held in the collection of the Thuringian University and State Library. And Jena has had its own independent orchestra since 1934.

If you have the opportunity, we recommend combining the guided tour of the city’s musical history with an evening concert in the splendid art nouveau Volkshaus or at the Kulturarena.

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Participants max. 25
Price 100€
Foreign language (russian) 125€
Duration 1.5 h – max. 2 h

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