Imaginata Jena | Different activity stations | World of sensory experiences

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A world of sensory experiences

Imaginata Jena, Experimentarium

This large activity park is an ideal place for exploring scientific phenomena, and stimulates all of our senses in a variety of different ways.

Creativity and imagination are more important than factual knowledge.

The different activity stations focus mainly on tactile and acoustic perception, for example in the ‘lightless kitchen’ and the ‘Hörbar’ (‘audible bar’). Monochords and a model organ demonstrate acoustic laws, while the haptic properties of various surfaces can be explored in the ‘Tastbar’ (‘tactile bar’).

Manipulating our senses in this way encourages us to explore their capacities and limitations, and to discover how they connect us to the world.

Location Imaginata

Opening times:

Every Sunday and public holiday, and during school holidays in Thuringia 10am – 6pm

At all other times visits are only possible by prior arrangement.
Visits for groups of 10 or more people are possible at any time subject to advance booking.